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Our new Indian Investment Letter

Indian nation stock exchange front of building

India has potential to be a player for investors, or should we say India already IS a global player for certain, well connected and affluent investors who are able to hire investment firms to gain access to the right market data. Sadly though, for most, the potential has been largely untapped, until now. READ MORE

Robot VS Human – why not have the best of both?

machine vs human

Robot Investing Versus Human Investing.

The Investing landscape has changed somewhat recently with the rise of the ‘robo advisor’, a machine that can quickly and easily advise you where to put your investments at a fraction of the cost of a traditional, human, advisor.READ MORE

How our Dividend letter works (part 2)

How the HindeSight Dividend Letter Works

The excerpt below is from our May newsletter, detailing the methodology we use for tracking the performance of the HindeSight Dividend letter. We have updated the results until the end of October 2016. The bar chart showing the % portfolio allocation shows that we are running roughly 50% cash balance of the introduced money at this juncture, reflecting our concerns about high valuations. If you would prefer to read this as it appeared in our Newsletter CLICK HERE to download as a PDF


growing money - novice investing

Investing for the masses.

Investing is an enigma to most people. In general, we get how it works, you put money into shares and hope you get more back then you put in. However there’s a real ‘get rich’ mentality whereby the general population sees the high profile bankers and everyone attached to the money industries as super rich and there’s a perception of lots of cash, and they dream of making it big like they have.READ MORE

Here we go marching again…


Welcome to the first few weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency. There are so many headlines, tweets and images, the media networks are having a field day. We will not be short of news for the foreseeable future, it would appear. In the UK, we are well used to campaigning politicians promising the earth on their election trails, only to conveniently forget about them upon taking office.


The beauty of me is that I’m very rich


Long-term readers will have heard my big number maths before, back in 2012. At the time it was in reference to the extraordinary cost of the London Olympics and G4S’s contract for security at the games.

A million seconds is 11 days, a billion seconds is 32 years and a trillion seconds is 32,000 years.

Since Donald Trump’s unexpected election in the United States, there has been an ‘announcement’ of a U$1 trillion infrastructure program, which will include rebuilding roads, rails, shipyards, you name it, in order to ‘Make America great again’!


The pound and global reflation


The pound and global reflation

It’s always nice when someone mentions our research on their websites or on the news. Sean regularly gets called up for TV slots but today we’re very happy to draw attention to Sean’s work alongside Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo on the Substantive Research Website.


Sterling seems to be without a friend

Sterling seems to be without a friend

This article is from Sean’s Midweek Macro Musings dated 12th October.

Non-Farm Payrolls drew something of a yawn but, coupled with a look at how business revenues are faring, they do tell us that a little stress is building.


Meanwhile, sterling seems to be without a friend in the world, not least back in Threadneedle Street.


The Humours of change alley

The Humours of change alley

I was recently flattered to be asked how I envisaged the dreaded ‘helicopter money’ working if it were not to simply add further to commercial banks’ already crippling mass of deadweight liabilities and assets, given that not only would printing it up in physical form be tortuous, but that cash itself is only one conveniently heinous crime away from being proscribed altogether.