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Ever wanted to understand money markets?

Our monthly newsletter is for novice investors or seasoned money managers and uses plain English to give an overview of the markets as well as at least one share a month that we believe is worth a more in-depth look.

Our aim is to educate everyone on investing and democratise the insights usually only accessed by seasoned investors from the trading floor.

Education allows better decision making and provides a bedrock to build on for the future.

Each month we will showcase why a certain share is on our radar, and the case for why it should be on yours too.

There is a market overview as well as writing about different strategies and why they are important.

Pair this with our buy and sell alerts which indicate historical lows and highs for the selected monthly share insights and you have a powerful portfolio builder in your pocket.

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We help our paid subscribers have 100% control to build their own portfolios with knowledge that lasts a lifetime and all for the price of a good coffee a month – just £4.99 or save 2 months by subscribing to our yearly plan, only £49.99.

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Hindesight Letter:

Dividend UK Letter

Dividends matter and investing in those businesses that pay a bumper dividend to their loyal shareholders really, really matters

But dividend investing isn’t just about picking those stocks with the highest dividend yield. Far from it in fact because these high yielding businesses may actually be real basket cases, where the share price has plummeted making the yield look attractive.

Smart dividend investing is about combining both a systematic approach to stock selection, focusing on the balance sheet of the businesses, as well as an almost intuitive sense of the broader picture – what we at HindeSight call the ‘Big Picture’.

UK Dividend Letter
Hindesight Letter:

India Letter

India will be the most populous nation in the world within a few years. The people are getting richer and the financial markets are opening up to the global investor.

It is, quite frankly, the most exciting place to be for investments in the emerging world and we are delighted to bring a newsletter to domestic and foreign investors that will enable them to share in these fantastic opportunities. The HindeSight Indian Letter will be published every quarter with regular updates in between that focus on:
  • Stock and bond analysis
  • Investment insights
  • Current affairs
  • Gold
India Dividend Letter
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