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Robot VS Human – why not have the best of both?

machine vs human

Robot Investing Versus Human Investing.

The Investing landscape has changed somewhat recently with the rise of the ‘robo advisor’, a machine that can quickly and easily advise you where to put your investments at a fraction of the cost of a traditional, human, advisor.READ MORE

How our Dividend letter works (part 2)

How the HindeSight Dividend Letter Works

The excerpt below is from our May newsletter, detailing the methodology we use for tracking the performance of the HindeSight Dividend letter. We have updated the results until the end of October 2016. The bar chart showing the % portfolio allocation shows that we are running roughly 50% cash balance of the introduced money at this juncture, reflecting our concerns about high valuations. If you would prefer to read this as it appeared in our Newsletter CLICK HERE to download as a PDF