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UK Government Create Investment Opportunities

Boris Johnson UK Government Create Investment Opportunities

It’s something we’ve done for many years, being ahead of the curve & always on the up! We’re pleased to announce the government are creating brand new investment opportunities.
Our monthly newsletters have been around for a long time and we provide the educational tools for people to better understand their money and build solid financial intelligence within the community.


Gold – alluring, whatever the millennium.



There’s been reams and reams written about gold. The how’s and why’s of its allure through the millennia and why ‘gold bugs’ prize it so much as an asset in their portfolio. A cursory search for ‘gold’ in Google will return thousands of opinions about storing it, how much of it you can buy and sell and huge amounts of historical data. To say it has been a fascination of mankind’s since first discovery isn’t over blown hype, just a factual statement. Indeed the HindeSight Dividend Letter has mentioned Gold on numerous occasions, not just because Hinde Capital, the parent company of HindeSight Letters has a Gold Fund, but Mark and Ben, Hinde’s Founders have worked trading gold for decades so their knowledge of the subject gets them regular speaking engagements.READ MORE

Our new Indian Investment Letter

Indian nation stock exchange front of building

India has potential to be a player for investors, or should we say India already IS a global player for certain, well connected and affluent investors who are able to hire investment firms to gain access to the right market data. Sadly though, for most, the potential has been largely untapped, until now. READ MORE