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Gold – alluring, whatever the millennium.



There’s been reams and reams written about gold. The how’s and why’s of its allure through the millennia and why ‘gold bugs’ prize it so much as an asset in their portfolio. A cursory search for ‘gold’ in Google will return thousands of opinions about storing it, how much of it you can buy and sell and huge amounts of historical data. To say it has been a fascination of mankind’s since first discovery isn’t over blown hype, just a factual statement. Indeed the HindeSight Dividend Letter has mentioned Gold on numerous occasions, not just because Hinde Capital, the parent company of HindeSight Letters has a Gold Fund, but Mark and Ben, Hinde’s Founders have worked trading gold for decades so their knowledge of the subject gets them regular speaking engagements.

In this month’s Dividend Letter there is a short paragraph from Mark about Gold.

GOLD, July 2018

There are a thousand different ways to analyse markets, including gold, and over the years we have done just that. But, nowadays, we tend to keep things as simple as possible. There is no perfect time to buy or sell any asset that works 100% of the time, but if you abide by a few hard and fast rules, you can considerably improve your investment timing and returns.

  • From a technical perspective (relative strength indicator)
  • From a seasonality perspective (differing returns for the time of year)
  • Relative to other assets (an index of SP500 equities, Copper and Oil)
  • Positional (how speculators are currently positioned)

The state of play for July 2018 is very clear.

  • Gold’s RSI is sub 30, clearly very oversold
  • It is July, a period when gold is strongly supported by second-half seasonal buying
  • Versus the index of SP500, Copper and Oil, it is almost 30% cheaper on a rolling one-year oscillation
  • Net speculator positions are under 10%, often associated with a low point in the gold price

All things considered, one should understand that this is an excellent time to add exposure to gold in your portfolio. This is not just for portfolio insurance, but also for the possibility of reasonable gains. There are many different ways to access the gold market – gold funds, Gold Exchange Traded securities or just buying physical coins. But a platform called Glint is new to the market and it is revolutionising the gold market, allowing people to not only invest in physical gold and monitor it on a sleek digital app, but also to spend it via a Glint card. www.glintpay.com

GLINT mentioned above is currently at the start of a Crowdfunding campaign where you can invest from a minimum of £10 up to £100,000+ on the popular Crowdcube fundraising platform. There’s been good traction so far with the campaign, and if there’s anyone reading this that wants to have a closer look – here’s some stats, but there’s a lot more on the actual pages if you follow this LINK – https://www.crowdcube.com/glint 

  • £836,940 out of £1,250,000 pledged from 156 people in the first 48 hours!
  • The target is 500 people.
  • Invest as little as £10! And it only takes 4 mins.

At the beginning of this year GLINT launched their platform to reintroduce gold as money in the global electronic payments system.

Fully regulated by the FCA and with 15,000 members and growing, they are ready to take the next step in maximising development opportunity. They have big plans within the UK and further afield and to do that they’re in the process of raising investment.

From Ben Davies Glint Co-Founder (and HindeSight Letters Co-Founder)

“I’m more interested in the number of people than the amount raised. I think we have better odds than the England footie team on making a success of this. Can you watch the video’s and support GLINT with a £10 investment? It is EIS eligible so if you can claim 30% of your investment back from the tax man when you put your tax return in. If we go bust then you can claim your loss is your tax return but if you are serious check EIS out yourself. The amount you invest will not be visible to the public.”

WARNING: Although they have every intention of building Glint into a ‘Unicorn’ worth more than $1 Billion don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.


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