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Hindesight Letter:

Dividend UK Letter

Dividend UK Letter written by Ben Davies, Mark Mahaffey and Aalock Sathe

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Dividends matter. Every investor knows this as it’s been espoused by the best investors for decades. HindeSight Letters is the sister company to Hinde Capital that is active in the markets for clients and developed the trademarked, exclusive,  Hinde Dividend Matrix that screens for a set criterion and returns impressive results. The Dividend letter makes use of this Matrix to give readers a slice of what the big clients pay for on a monthly basis, alongside exclusive market analysis and charts that provide well rounded insights and strong methodology for delivering returns.

The aim for the Dividend letter (that it has achieved from inception) is to return an approximate 10% annually to your portfolio with minimum risk and simple to follow portfolio management.

Pick it up and out it down whenever you want – each edition is a starting point if needed, or a stepping stone if you have been subscribing for longer. It really is that simple. A monthly edition in your inbox that’s readable, whatever your investing knowledge level. We have fund manager and mums subscribing, both are catered to in plain english with as much detail as is necessary to educate whilst informing.

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