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Our new Indian Investment Letter

Indian nation stock exchange front of building

India has potential to be a player for investors, or should we say India already IS a global player for certain, well connected and affluent investors who are able to hire investment firms to gain access to the right market data. Sadly though, for most, the potential has been largely untapped, until now.

Ordinary investors, by which we class as everyone who wants to do it themselves without paying for investment management, have had minimal opportunity to get on-board the investing train through a mixture of inexperience and lack of knowledge or simply a vehicle that can offer good, impartial investing advice to navigate the lottery of the share markets amid foreign investor restrictions.

HindeSight Letters in conjunction with our top Hinde Capital analyst and fund manager Aalok Sathe is launching a quarterly investment letter exclusively for the Indian stock exchange to take advantage of this hugely exciting market as it opens its doors to the outside world and the best bit is – it’ll be free for a limited period for new signups. It’s aimed directly at the individual investor who wants to learn all aspects that determine a shares worth whilst understanding timing and structure of a growing portfolio.

The Letter will be based on our best-selling HindeSight Dividend letter and will be guided under the same systems and analysts to deliver a very respectable growth target of 20% a year whilst limiting the potential for catastrophic loss of capital. In short, we’re significantly increasing the odds of choosing a good investment through double selection (man and machine) then setting the rules should there be an investment that for unforeseen circumstances doesn’t perform. So, you will have monthly buy and sell alerts to set up a portfolio which will deliver returns whilst limiting your downside risk.

Best of all – we will release a quarterly letter that will then explain what we are doing and why – so you can learn from the benefit of our experience and knowledge in markets to help you understand our methodology. In effect you’ll then be much better equipped to understand the markets, rather than blindly trusting other to make decisions for you, you’ll be able to think for yourself and understand the jargon associated with the markets. There really is no better way to understand how to invest than to do it, but we’ll guide you all the way so you make money whilst learning.

aalok sathe from hinde capital

Man and machine.

Our letters are a mix of investment modelling and top investment guidance – the same formula that generates performance in our other letters. We have a trade-marked system called the Hinde Dividend Value Matrix (HDVM for short) that algorithmically provides the best options in any share market for investment based on pre-set criterion, we then use our collective knowledge of the markets that we have garnered over the decades to choose which shares we should recommend in the letter. This is a version of the very successful investment vehicle that we use to deliver results to our clients at Hinde Capital, our parent company. There’s some difference in the services they get but in essence the stock selection we are providing in our Indian Investment Letter is the same methodology and we wanted it to be ‘for the masses’ to enable others to benefit from our systems for investing.

Indian Portfolio Results

Have a look at our previous winners above.

Hop onboard our Indian Investment Letter now to receive it FOR FREE, delivered to your inbox quarterly, along with buy and sell alerts. As a bonus, if you sign up before launch you’ll also get our bestselling Hinde Dividend Letter for 6 months (a monthly newsletter about high dividend paying UK equities) worth £125.

There’s literally nothing to lose. If you don’t make money from our free offer, walk away. There’s no hidden catches, no credit card numbers required, no deposits, nothing but your email address so we can send you the alerts and the letter. If, however you don’t take advantage of this letter, you’ll never know what you could have made.

Our business is simple – we educate you on how you can make money with our letters, after you’ve seen the proof for the trial period, we will charge a nominal fee if you want to keep the letter and our investing advice. It’s really that refreshingly simple.


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