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Sean Corrigan

Investment Analyst

Sean’s writing is intellectually fearless and hard-hitting. There’s no mincing of words and no quarter afforded, no matter how big the target or how stupid the decision maker, there is no hiding from the numbers and the charts speak volumes.

His Macro analysis is unparalleled and enabled him to foresee and forewarn many of the biggest historical market shocks, like the Tech Bubble about to pop in Oct 1999 (Here) and when it did in May 2000 (Here)

He again told of Gold’s bottom in 2001 – (Here)

Then warned about pretty much everything that was going to happen as the GFC just got going, here a year before Lehman ( Here)

Through the monthly newsletter Money Macro & Markets and the weekly Midweek Macro Musings there is ample scope to re-align investment strategies to not just grow but also preserve portfolio wealth.

Sean started his career as an Interest Rate Trader. Progressing through the ranks of initiative and OUT along the maturity spectrum from junior money market trader to senior fixed income proprietary trader at several City-based banks, Japanese, Antipodean, European & British, including a brief spell as a money broker.

He then paid his dues as a market strategist, first at a major independent research house, then as co-founder of the consultancy Capital Insight which advised, among others, The EBRD, UBS, Swiss Bank, ICAP and Cantor Fitzgerald. Sean than took up a post at a Zurich family office before settling in for an eight-year spell as Chief Investment Strategist for Diapason Commodities Management

He has regularly contributed to many financial media sites including Faz, WSJ, Handelszeitung, CNBC & The Daily Reckoning, as well as to the centre of though leadership such as The Cobden Centre, the IEA, and the Mises Institute.

Having spent much time talking and corresponding with Sean over the years, we think his ability to ‘see’ the markets on a global scale is truly impressive and that, through the writings we at HindeSight are now very pleased to publish, that you will soon come to share our high opinion of him.

Unconventional Wisdom, Original Thinking.

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